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South Texas Human Rights Center
117 E. Miller St.
Falfurrias, TX 78355

To report a missing person or to inquire about activities of the center, please call 361-325-2555 or our center at

To inquire about volunteer information, please contact Eddie at or Arianna at


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  1. As someone who lives halfway around the world from Texas I often have a rather bleak view of the locals. We see representations on tv of people self patrolling or using violence against people who are just trying to escape horrific poverty and violence in their country of origin. These are refugees and should be greeted with open arms. It is massively heartwarming to know there are people, like your organization, who are dedicating yourselves to trying to help, trying to reduce the suffering. I read about your initiative to install water points on border ranches and it was also nice to realize there must be sympathetic ranchers there too. I’m sure you work surrounded by prejudice but it’s wonderful that there are even a small number of people there helping those in need. Around the world there are massive numbers of people who watch in horror and will applaud when they hear of your work.

    1. I just read about the situation in the Austrian News. In Europe we have a stream of refugies because of the war in the middle east. Many of them, thousands drowned in the Mediteran sea. Even there the US Marines helped to save them from drowning. I hope the United States start to find ways to handle the situation in South Texas too. Organisations like the South Texas Human Right Center are very important. It is a very good idea to build fountains. I will Support that.

  2. Hola me llamo Marisela Olivas Manriquez y apoyo por medio de las redes sociales con las familias de desaparecidos en las fronterasal cruzar ilegalmente a estados unidos y me gusta su pagina vivo en Nogales, Sonora soy licenciada en derecho de profesion y trabajo para el gobierno municipal de nogales , sonora. gusto en saludarlos

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