News Spotlight

Immigrant water stations part of humanitarian effort in Brooks County– Jan 24, 2018
By Michael Gibson
A human rights group out of Arizona released a video that went viral on social media. It shows U.S. Border Patrol agents in the desert pouring out water that was left for illegal immigrants….Read More

Activist: U.S. policies pushing immigrants into dangerous journeys– July 23, 2017
By Jason Buch
In the weeks leading up to this weekend’s tragic deaths in San Antonio of nine immigrants found in a tractor-trailer…Read More

Eddie Canales on Saving Migrant Lives in Brooks County– Sept, 26,2016
By Melissa del Bosque
Lead- The activist and organizer shined a light on migrant deaths in South Texas in 2012. Now, his group is using alliances and technology to save more lives…read more

Human rights center adds water stations as migrant deaths rise– Jun 19,2016
Kristian Hernandez
NEAR FALFURRIAS — The sun blazed Tuesday afternoon as Eddie Canales and Anna Ibarra of the South Texas Human Rights Center took turns striking a three-foot metal rod into the ground with a sledge hammer for the first of 12 new water stations.Read More

New Texas law addresses death toll of unidentified border crossers- Jun 27, 2015

New Hope for Identifying Migrant Bodies in South Texas– jun 10, 2015
By Teresa Mioli
In the past seven years, the bodies of hundreds of migrants have been recovered in the Texas borderlands, but only a fraction of the remains have been identified….read more

Tyrant’s Foe: Eddie Canales Is Saving the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants– Jun 16, 2014
By Melissa del Bosque
For saving the lives of undocumented immigrants crossing the border, Eddie Canales is a tyrant’s foe…read more

University Students Learn Life-Long Lessons- June 14, 2014

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Falfurrias, TX:  During the 10-day period (June 1-11), undergraduate and graduate students worked diligently to exhume as many human being remains as possible as part of the Forensic Project coordinated by the Forensic Scientists Team, their professors, Dr. Lori Baker, Sgt. Jim Huggins, and Dr. Krista Latham. The field work is part of … Read More

University Professors Lead by Example- June 14, 2014

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Falfurrias:  Dr. Lori Baker and Dr. Krista Latham engage students in the exhumation of unknown migrants’ remains through demonstration and guidance. See related story. June 3, 2014:  Dr. Lori Baker demonstrates the procedure from the point where the remains have been located to storing and preparing them for transport. Dr. Latham worked  indefatigably … Read More

Participants Read the Names of the Dead and Missing in a Solemn Ceremony- November 3, 2013

Rothko Chapel, Houston, TX   –  José Fernando Torres led the reading of the names of the dead or missing migrants during a solemn ceremony at the non-denominational Rothko Chapel on Saturday, November 2nd. But Torres didn’t read the name of his wife who has been missing for 20 months. Instead he offered a plea … Read More

Preventing Migrant Deaths in Brooks County- October 20, 2013

Falfurrias, TX   –   Brooks County is situated in the center of the 13-county area identified by the South Texas Human Rights Organization as the hotspot for migrant deaths. Falfurrias, the largest town in the county is a headquarters for the Border Patrol and the County’s Sheriff’s Office, plus a privately operated detention center. … Read More