Ranch/Private Property Rules and Guidelines For Water Stations

First and foremost no water station is set up without the complete affirmation of the owner or ranch representative of said property.

The water station is set up in a location where owner or ranch representative wants or establishes as most useful and convenient for the safety of his property.

Water Stations are placed in properties at no cost whatsoever to the owner. The ranch owner may maintain the water station with water on his own volition or inform the South Texas Human Rights Center of the need of restocking the water station with water gallons and arrangements will be made to supply ranch owner/personnel with water.

The owner/representative of property will determine if placement of water station is done by ranch owner/personnel or by the South Texas Human Rights Center personnel.

The maintenance of the water station will be determined by the rancher/representative as to the upkeep and determine if repairs and inform the South Texas Human Rights Center for any additional maintenance needed.

The supply and use of the water  will be reviewed by the rancher/representative and make note of amount of water taken and may resupply on their own and/or inform the STHRC to resupply

The STHRC will inform ranch owner/personnel of what make of vehicle is entering their property for the sole purpose of either setting up a water station or maintenance of water station.

No press or media will be allowed or accompanied the STHRC without advanced request and approval of the ranch owner/representative.

The STHRC will enter all gates only with permission from ranch owner/personnel and always secure such gates on entering and leaving. Any pass codes provided by ranch owners/representative will not be disclosed to anyone by STHRC. If STHRC encounters open locks on gates STHRC  will request from representative whether to secure locks or leave open.

The STHRC representative will always interact with ranch owner/representative in a professional and respectful manner.

By Eddie Canales – January 2015